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Quiet Time–Break Away From Email, Phones, Blackberry’s

by David Brock on June 17th, 2008
Interesting article in today’s New York Times: Lost In E-Mail, Tech Firm Face Self-Made Beast. The article examines efforts by many companies to understand the impact of constant interruptions on productivity.

Companies are finding tremendous results in forcing people to stop distractions for a period of time each day, devoting that time to thinking or getting real work done (such a concept!). The article cited a Basex study which placed the impact in lost productivity in the U.S. due to distractions at more than $650 billion annually!

Take the time to read the article.

Better yet, everyday, try to take at least one hour off—don’t check email, don’t answer the phone (landline or mobile), don’t use your Blackberry, don’t surf the web, don’t sit in a meeting. Use the time to think, prioritize, or get some real work done. You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.

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