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New Year and Goals

by David Brock on January 8th, 2009
I’ve taken a brief holiday from posting, now am back in full force—partly a reflection of goals I have set for myself, the business, and this blog. Getting started in the New Year had me reflect on setting goals–somehow on January 1, we call them resolutions, the rest of the year they are goals. I am constantly amazed at how casually most people treat goals–particularly those they set for themselves.

Rather than repeat what lot of well thought out recommendations and observations, I thought it more useful to point you to some good blog posts on the topic.

Seth Godin has a nice, brief post on goals: The Thing About Goals. It’s a fast read and makes a point about people who get things done: All have goals.

Over at the Power Of Less blog, by Leo Babauta, he offers great tips to help each of us achieve our goals. I’ve become a great fan of his blog and the Power Of Less offers great reminders and insight.

At Gill Corkindale’s Harvard Business Review blog, he offers a great tip: Schedule Regular Meetings With Yourself.

Goals are important. I’ve established mine, I’ll be talking about them in later posts.

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