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LinkedIn Automation At It’s Worst!

by David Brock on October 14th, 2020

LinkedIn is fast becoming as useless as many of the other social channels. Most of it is not LinkedIn’s fault—though it’s algorithm seems to favor “Broems.”

It’s really the fault of those selling training and LinkedIn automation tools that seek not to create value in relationships, but only to deluge people with mindless messages.

Below is a message stream I just received. The only editing I have done is to disguise the sender. It’s unbelievable, I get one of the standard, “Here’s what we do/sell, I’d like to arrange a meeting to see how we can help you.”

Where normally, I would ignore this, I decided to send a response, suggesting a different approach.

What’s overwhelming, is this person apparently doesn’t read the responses, he is just sending trashy follow up emails (in minutes after my response). Yes, I know it’s all automated. Yes, I know I should just ignore all of these.

But it’s interesting how many fall victim to this sloppy spamming! It only hurts their reputations and brand.

There are no shortcuts to establishing relationships and trust in prospecting. Automation can help us—but, blindly applied, it enables us to do the most stupid things–harming our brands and reputations.

Enjoy the stream below: (Take note of the timestamps)

Keith, CPA 8:21 AM

Hi David, Thank you for connecting, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my business. I work with business owners to make a significant difference in their income, ease of operations, and often, an increase in value to the business. Our goal is to make sure business owners are using valuable accounting data in order to make proactive and strategic decisions rather than reactive decisions in their business. I always like to ask because you never know who is looking , are you currently working with an accountant? Would you be open to having an introductory conversation to review how we may be able to work together? -Keith

David Brock sent the following message at 8:49 AM View David’s profile David Brock 8:49 AM

Keith:  I don’t mean to be a jerk, hopefully you will take this as constructive feedback:   1.  Apparently, you are part of an organization of tax/accounting/related professionals that just took a class on LinkedIn Prospecting. 2.  Yesterday, within 3 hours, I got over a dozen invitations saying the same thing, “Dave, your Management Consulting background……” 3.  Normally, I would have not accepted, but as an experiment, I did. 4.   This morning I am getting introductory emails, not dissimilar to yours, all asking the same thing–for a meeting. 5.  Sadly, all but one of those people have never looked at my profile–including you.  Which causes me to think, “How interested is he?  Why isn’t he doing his homework?” 6.  I recognize it is not your fault, but you and your colleagues have fallen victim to someone selling some sort of course on LinkedIn prospecting.  They are implementing the very worst in prospecting practices, as a result, they create a negative impression of you and your company.  I suspect you are much better than you are being represented. 7.  As an experiment, I have also reached out to about a dozen of my colleague, “Management Consultants.”  They are getting the same thing from the same people. 8.  If I were you, I’d be very angry.  I’d go to whoever taught that course and demand my money back. 9.  Prospecting is tough, it takes courage and persistence.  Short cuts and tricks, like those you were taught don’t produce results.  Yes, you will get a few meetings, but you don’t know about the negative impression those who never respond have of you and your company.  I suspect you and your company are better than this and deserve better.   Thanks for letting me explain this.  It is given in the spirit of constructive criticism, I hope you take it that way.   I am not interested in a conversation about how you might help me.   I wish you luck and the best as you move forward.  Regards, Dave

Keith, CPA sent the following message at 9:29 AM View Keith’s profile Keith, CPA 9:29 AM

  • Hi David, I wanted to reach out and see if you had received my last note… My name is Keith and I founded [Company Name], with the mission to make a significant difference in their income, ease of operations, and often, an increase in value to the business… I am not sure if you have this area covered or if you are content with your current accountant, but I’d like to connect on the phone and if you are open to it, to learn more about you and your business. Also if it makes sense we can discuss how I’ve helped other companies similar to yours. Are you available mostly in the mornings or afternoon? If it’s easier for you, please also feel free to book yourself into my calendar when you’re free using this link: -Keith CPA Initial Strategy Session – Keith • 1 min read

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  1. I had not heard the term “broems” before. And had not actually recognized before that the vast majority of those post formats are written by dudes. Sigh…

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