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In A Sales Slump?

by David Brock on September 22nd, 2010

Sales slumps hit all of us for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes when we get into a slump, we seem to spiral deeper and deeper.  We run out of ideas on what to do, we lose perspective.  Dealing with our sales slumps, developing and executing strategies to Bust Out Of The Slump is critical for every sales person. 

Paul McCord wrote a terrific book based on this single goal, helping you develop and execute strategies to Bust Your Slump.  He outlines 12 different strategies, giving you step by step advice for recovering from a slump, as well as offering great case studies of how organizations have used each of the strategies.  Paul purposely kept the book short and practical.  It’s a quick read, and if you are struggling, provides proven ideas.

Paul had a great idea, he’s packaged a number of great bonus’s if you buy the book from Amazon in the next couple of days.  Collectively, these bonus’s are worth several hundred dollars.  They are a collection of eBooks, tools, and other great resources from great sales thinkers like: Keith Rosen, Anthony Iannarino, Terri Dunevant, Dave Kurlan, Jill Konrath, Dan Waldschmidt, Kelley Robertson, Diane Helbig, Tibor Shanto and many more .  I’ve included something new as part of the bonus.  I’ve contributed a brand new eBook on the Sales Process, I’ve also included my Sales Process Self Audit.  For those of you that have followed me for some time, you know that I think the Sales Process is the cornerstone to high performance sales.  Paul twisted my arm to offer something even more–but, you’ll have to go to the bonus page to learn about it!

To learn more about the bonuses that Paul has packaged with the book, go to Bust Your Slump Bonus.  Get your copy today from Amazon!  Just in time to help you finish your year!

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