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Getting From Here …. To There

by David Brock on December 4th, 2011

Imagine a contest.  You’ve landed in a city you’ve never been to before.  You’re goal is to get to a certain location.  Others are trying to reach that location, you don’t know who they are.  The person that gets there first gets $10 Million.


You’ve been given a high powered car to get to your destination.  You’ve been to “driving school,” and have learned the best techniques in driving the car.

You jump into the car–no GPS.  You look around some more, no maps of the area.  No problem, you start driving.

You’re on the freeway, suddenly you discover all the signs are in a language that you don’t understand.  You don’t even know the direction to go.

How do you get to your destination?  How do you win?

You could start driving—you might get there, you might not.

You could stop and ask random people directions—some may know, but they speak a different language.  You try to make yourself understood and people try to help you, some may accidentally point you in the wrong direction.

You drive, you’re a good driver, you got great skills, you’ve driven a lot.  You let your instincts guide you even though you don’t know where you are going.

You start wondering about your competitors.  Do they have a map or GPS?  Will they reach the destination before you?  Are you going the right direction—or just wasting your time?

You have a fast car, all the skills to drive that car, but you don’t know how to get there.  If only you had a map or some directions.

Maps are wonderful.  They help us get to our destination.  They give us options to get there–the scenic route, the shortest distance, the fastest route.  We choose based on our objectives.

Drive the same route enough–we memorize the map.  We only have to revert to it when things change, but until they do, it’s in our head.  We know how to get from here to there, with our high powered car and our great driving skills, we can get there fast.  With our maps, with practice, we can always get to our destination.  We can get there, fast, beating the competition.

Now about that sales process…..

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