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COUNTER Mentor Leadership–A Great Read

by David Brock on January 23rd, 2018

I’m inundated with requests to preview and review books.  Unfortunately, there are just too many out there, many that are relatively unspectacular.  As a result, I focus on a few, high quality books.

Several months ago, Kelly Riggs asked me to take a look at Counter Mentor Leadership.  I reviewed the early draft, written by Kelly and his son, Robby.

Several things resonated with me!

  1.  It’s a straightforward, no nonsense book.  There aren’t any claims of magic, no “Easy” buttons, no miracle techniques.  We’ve seen too many, “get rich quick” books on leadership that only succeed in getting the author rich from naive/wishful thinking buyers.  Kelly and Robby spend some time discussing the real challenges of leadership, and the challenges of leading people that are “seasoned” (read older folks like Kelly and me) to millennial.  It’s not an easy job and not for the faint of heart.
  2. They build their Counter model, providing a clear framework in which to develop and exercise your leadership skills.  Frameworks and models are hugely helpful in developing and executing new skills.  The Counter model is based on pure pragmatism!
  3. They show to apply the model in real scenarios–how to increase employee engagement, dealing with problem employees, coaching, leading change.
  4. Perhaps the most appealing part of the book is the light-hearted banter between Kelly and Robby.  It takes, what could be very dry, and puts real life into the materials.  The different perspectives and manner in which Kelly and Robby play off each other makes reading the book fun.

If you are looking to sharpen your leadership skills or develop those you don’t have, Counter Mentor Leadership is a great start!


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