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Children Are Not Pawns!

by David Brock on June 19th, 2018

Children are not pawns to be used to achieve a political agenda!  I am ashamed to see children held hostage in detention centers as means to force decisions on securing our nation’s boarders.

While the administration is leveraging the detention of infants and children to achieve “strategic goals, ” the end does not justify the means, it never has.

This is not a political issue, it is a humanitarian issue.

We, as individuals, citizens, and a nation must have higher standards.  We are better than this.

We cannot standby, taking no action, we must make our anger and voices heard.

I am compelled to take action, both through this blog and in writing my congressional/senate representatives.

I am compelled to march, not to support any political agenda but to support humanitarian action.

I hope you, too, will feel compelled to act.


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  1. Dave Olson permalink

    Well said Dave.

  2. Paul Hastings permalink

    totally agree Dave. We are brought up to be kind and compassionate. Issues may be difficult but compassion is not.

  3. Peter Skrodolies permalink

    Off-topic to this blog, and therefore all the more appreciated statement.

    • Thank you Peter! I do try to minimize my commentary on things that are off topic, but sometimes they are too important to ignore and one is compelled to speak out.

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