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MicrophoneWelcome to our “Radio” station!  Well, it’s not really radio–we don’t broadcast around the clock, but so many of our “readers” want to access information in a different way.  They want podcasts–something they can subscribe to and listen to while driving, during some down time, or multitasking (Hmmmm).

This is our podcast site.  We will be updating regularly.  Many of the topics cover similar topics we’ve discussed in the blog–but in each, we’ll add a unique twist.  Additionally, we’ll have Interviews!  Yes, I’ll be having conversations with great people on topics important to all sales, marketing, and business professionals.

To keep up to date, bookmark this page or subscribe to the Podcast to get it into your regular feed:  Partners In EXCELLENCE Radio RSS Feed

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Episode 29, July 30, 2017:  Changing Channel Dynamics, Driving Channel Success With Today’s Buyers.

Episode 28, April 7, 2017:  How Do We Recruit And Onboard “A” Players, A Conversation With Al Drucker.

Episode 27, November 15, 2016:  Transforming the Sales Organization, A Conversation With Unify’s Colin Mclean.

Episode 26, August 23, 2016:  Dave Brock Discusses Sales Metrics on LeadFuze’s Sales Manager Playbook.

Episode 25, August 15, 2016:   Can Sales People Create Value, A Conversation With Leanne Hoagland Smith

Episode 24, January 22, 2016:  Would You Train Your Sales People For 45 Minutes A Day?  Listen To Tory Hornsby

Episode 23,  November 20, 2015:  Is Selling SaaS Solutions Different From Selling B2B Solutions?

Episode 22, July 21, 2015:  Sales Enablement Lab: How Do You Find The Time To Coach?

Episode 21, June 5, 2015:  Three Questions Critical To Your Ability To Win A Deal!

Episode 20, June 5, 2015:  But My Manager Doesn’t Coach!

Episode 19, May 19 2015:  New Models For Marketing And Sales Integration

Episode 18, May 19, 2015:  The Frightening High Cost Of A Salesperson!  A Discussion With John Golden And Eric Quanstrom Of Pipeliner CRM

Episode 17, May 16, 2015:  Openview Ventures Labcast– Are You Ready To Go Global?

Episode 16, May 15, 2015:  Entrepreneurialism In Sales, A Discussion With Nikolaus Kimla Of Pipeliner CRM

Episode 15, January 27, 2015:  Creating The Effortless Customer Experience, A Discussion With Dione Hedgpeth, VP Of Customer Success, Apptio

Episode 14, September 4, 2014:  Collaborative Business Podcast, Collaborate Only As A Last Resort, A Discussion Between Peter Simoons and Dave Brock

Episode 13, July 1, 2014:  Dave Brock Interviewed for Leadspace Radio, Focus On High Performance Marketing And Sales

Episode 12, November 23, 2013:  Sales Operations Perspectives, An Interview With Katherine Tate, VP of Global Sales Operations, Attachmate.

Episode 11, August 14, 2013:  “Procurement Needs To Bring More To the Table Than Discounts,”  An Interview With Ryan Nied

  Episode 10, July 22, 2013:  Building A Social Business, An Interview with Ed Abrams, Vice President of Marketing, IBM Small And Mid-sized Business Markets.

Episode 9, April 17, 2013:  Sales Operations, Pulling Things Together, A Discussion With Tony Walker Of Enterasys

Episode 8, March 10, 2013:  Creating Social Business Success, An Interview With Vala Afshar, CMO & CCO of Enterasys

Episode 7, February 10, 2013:    Are You Playing Your Game Or Someone Else’s?

Episode 6, January 25, 2013:  Stop Wasting Your Time In Useless Sales Review Meetings!

Episode 5, January 11, 2013:  It’s Your Right To 100% Share Of Account And Territory!

Episode 4, January 1, 2013:  Does Your Sales Process Achieve These 4 Outcomes?

Episode 3, January 1, 2013:  Some Common Misunderstandings Of Value Propositions.

Episode 2, January 1, 2013:  The Yin And Yang Of Buying And Selling, A Discussion Between Chris Locke And Dave Brock

Episode 1, January 1, 2013:   If You Don’t Value Your Own Time, You’ll Never Value The Customer’s.

  1. These are GREAT David. Thanks for the link!

  2. How could I get a copy of your ebook ‘Creating Effective Strategic Partnerships’? I couldn’t manage to figure this out after navigating your site for a while. Thanks.
    Warm regards,
    Don Shay
    Workstream Leader: Institutional Crime Prevention
    * Community Operations, Maintenance and Management (Community O&M)
    * Local Economic Development (LED)

    Tel: 021 532-2433
    Mobile: 072 160-0277

  3. Martin Frey permalink

    Fantastic interview. I smiled all the way through it. Great processes. I was glad to see many familiar practices. I have a saying; “80% of sales are lost in preparation.” This process exposes it instantly. Like you I have evolved regard psych assessments. I find you must be sensitive to now eliminating the “unusual suspects” that are outlier exemplary performers. The best of the best don’t look and act like everyone else.

  4. Hi David,
    My colleague Bruce Scott recommended your blog highly.

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