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Dave Brock — Why I Blog:

I take great joy in starting companies, helping organizations and individuals achieve their goals and dreams. It’s my passion and hobby, and I’m lucky enough that building successful businesses and organizations is my career! Making a difference or contribution has been a cornerstone to our business and the results we produce. This blog provides my thoughts and observations. Sometimes it provides both the readers and me a place to vent. It will always ask for your views and opinions.

My approach to blogging about sales, marketing, business, and leadership is to focus on pragmatism and common sense.  I think we tend to make things more complicated than they need be—believe me, sales, marketing and business is complicated enough without making it much harder on ourselves.

My goal is primarily to get business professionals to think–to challenge themselves, to challenge their organizations, to challenge their customers.  Too often, we get on “autopilot,” ultimately, this impacts our effectiveness and results.

Finally, my goal is to start a discussion, whether in comments on the blog posts or in the broader community.  No one has the answers, there are no right or wrong answers, but through stimulating thoughtful discussion we can find those that are best suited for what we are trying to achieve.

Dave Brock’ s Bio:

Dave has spent his career developing high performance organizations.  He worked in sales, marketing, and executive management capacities with  IBM, Tektronix and Keithley Instruments.  His consulting clients include companies in the semiconductor, aerospace, electronics, consumer products, computer, telecommunications, retailing, internet, software, professional and financial services industries.  These clients range from Fortune 25 to startup companies and include IBM, HP, Nokia, AT&T, Ericsson, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Tekelec, Motorola, Dassault Systemes, Eastman Kodak, Bank of America, National Australia Bank, KeyCorp, Perot Systems, NCR,  American Greetings, General Electric, CAP Gemini, Compaq, Verizon, Canon, BBN/GTE, ViaSystems, Panasonic, Laird Technologies, Great Batch Medical, DJO, Ogilvy Worldwide, Novozymes, Entegreat, Sports Retail Partners, EMC, Pertinence, Scorpion Sports, and others.

 As a consultant, Dave is recognized as a thought leader, sales and marketing, new product introductions, and strategic partnering.  He has researched, written and spoken extensively on these topics.  He has helped organizations develop and execute high impact strategies and programs in these areas.  Not only a leading thinker and strategist, Dave further distinguishes himself by supporting his clients in the implementation and execution of strategies in these disciplines.  His approach is focused and pragmatic, producing results many never thought possible.

Dave has honors degrees from the University of California at Berkeley with a BSME  and from UCLA with an MBA.  He is a member of ASQ, the Institute of Management Consultants, Sales and Marketing Executives International, the Product Development Management Association, and the National Business Incubators Association, Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

He speaks frequently on a wide range of business, sales, leadership, and related topics.  He has addressed audiences in more than 40 countries around the globe.  He is featured in many leading publications, including Selling Power, CEO Express, ThinkSales, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and other journals and publications around the world.  His blog is syndicated in a number of sites globally, and appears in several languages.

Dave is on the advisory boards of, SalesEdgeOne/CustomerThink, Social Media Today/The Customer Collective, and  is a member of Top Sales Experts. Dave established Partners In EXCELLENCE as means by which he could have a profound impact in improving the effectiveness of business professionals.

To contact Dave directly, email him at:    dabrock at excellenc dot com.

About Partners In EXCELLENCE:

Partners In EXCELLENCE is a consulting and services company. We help our clients sharpen their strategies and execution in the areas of business strategy, sales strategy and performance, sales channels, marketing, strategic partnering/alliances, product strategy and introduction, globalization, leadership and change management.

Within those areas, we address all aspects of strategy development, organization and process development, implementation an execution , and performance management.  We help our clients achieve profound results in improving the effectiveness of their people, strategies and processes. We provide consulting, training, development and advisory services to help our clients accelerate the attainment of their goals and achieve the desired business results.

Our approach is to partner with our clients, complementing their experience with the expertise, experience and skills of our consultants and trainer.  We create and implement strategies that enable our clients to OutPerform their competition. Our strong focus on implementation assures that our clients achieve their desired results. We support all of our projects with a Total Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

Partners In EXCELLENCE website is The website provides detailed descriptions, case studies, testimonials about the consulting and training services we provide.

Additionally, Dave Brock provides several focused services.  Dave’s philosophy in his coaching, mentoring, and speaking is to Make A Difference — professionally and personally with all the people and teams he works with.


Dave works with a variety of individuals and teams addressing specific business issues.  Typical examples of coaching scenarios include:

  • Developing focused strategies for specific sales opportunities, coaching and winning critical deals.
  • Strategy development, planning and execution in expanding relationships and business with major/key accounts.
  • Developing, communicating and, delivering differentiated value propositions, both for markets and specific customer opportunities.
  • Recruiting and managing channel and strategic partners for maximum performance.  Developing and implementing strategic alliances.
  • How do we globalize and open new markets?
  • How do I deal with performance issues (with my people, partners, in my organization)?
  • Help me build my business and product plans, critique what we have in place so that I have a winning plan or a fundable strategy.
  • Dealing with problems and challenges (whether they be with customers, within the organization, or other issues).
  • Other issues impacting results.

Generally these coaching sessions address specific issues that can be handled in 1-2 calls and do not require an in-depth consulting project.


Mentoring is all about the personal development of an individual.  In the mentoring relationship, Dave works with the mentee, focusing on helping to discover and achieve the individual’s long term goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Dave focuses on challenging the mentee, helping them think about their goals, developing and executing specific plans to achieve the goals.

In entering into the mentoring relationship, generally it is a longer term relationship, with progress and growth occurring over time.  Depending on the individual, mentoring sessions are held weekly, bi monthly, or monthly with the mentee being responsible for completing specific assignments in the interim.


Dave speaks to a wide number of audiences, including boards, executive meetings, sales kickoff meetings, customer and partner meetings.

He is viewed as a thought leader in a range of sales, leadership, and business strategy topics.  He is known for his thoughtful, provocative, and engaging approach.

Each speech is custom designed to meet the specific goals of the organization.  The format may be a speech or address, an interactive session, a round table discussion, or whatever format is most appropriate.

In each speaking engagement, his goals are to get the participants to think differently, to have a few ideas and tools they can immediately implement to produce results.  Generally, the objective of these mentoring programs is to help the individual better achieve their personal goals, aspirations, and dreams.  The goal is focused on personal development and may or may not be related to the current assignment.

Dave doesn’t employ tricks, he doesn’t believe in silver bullets.  He focuses on providing the participants interesting points of view and insights, pragmatic advice, and suggestions relevant to all the participants.

Reach Dave directly at:   dabrock at excellenc dot com.

Contact Us:


Phone: +1-949-305-7146

Mobile: +1-949-887-9946


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