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Transform Your Organization

Partners In EXCELLENCE works with individuals and teams addressing specific business issues to transform their businesses. Typical examples of scenarios include:

  • How do we develop a winning deal strategy?  How do we maximize our ability to win a specific deal?
  • How do we maximize our penetration of key, global, major accounts?
  • How do we maximize performance of each territory?
  • How do we improve our sales process?
  • How do we develop a healthy pipeline and improve forecast accuracy?
  • How do we improve our value propositions, positioning and differentiation?
  • How do we maximize the performance of our channels and strategic partners?
  • How do we leverage alliances and partnerships to grow our business?
  • How do we globalize and attack new markets?
  • Is our team performing at the highest levels possible?  How can we improve performance?
  • Do we have the right people in place?  Do we need to change our hiring profile?
  • Do we have the right organizational structure in place to achieve our goals?
  • Do we have the right metrics in place to track and improve performance?
  • Are we hiring the right people and onboarding them effectively?
  • Do we have the right tools, systems, and processes in place to maximize performance?
  • How do we maximize the impact of a new product launch, reducing time to revenue and share?

We work with you in defining the project scope and objectives, focusing on accelerating the time to results.  We will design the approach that delivers the greatest impact in the fastest time possible.  Most projects are delivered on a fixed price basis, with a total client satisfaction guarantee.

To get a fast start on your project, call Dave Brock at +1-949-305-7146, or email him at