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Hire Dave As A Coach

Coaching is about about development of an individual or a team.  In the coaching relationship, Dave works with the individuals or a small team in establishing goals and objectives for the coaching relationship.  The first coaching session is always free.  In that session we establish the goals we seek to achieve over the entire engagement.  We agree on the methodology, the meeting schedule, roles and responsibilities.

Generally there are formal, agenda and objective driven meetings—these can be monthly, bi monthly, or even weekly, depending on the goals of the person or team being coached.  Each person in the relationship will have work items to complete between meetings.

Additionally, in Partners In EXCELLENCE coaching programs, we encourage ad hoc phone calls, emails, messages at any time between formal coaching sessions.  If there is a specific issue that needs to be addressed, a problem, question, idea, we want to make sure we address it while it’s “hot.”  Our coaching engagements allow unlimited ad hoc communications between our formally established meetings.

Generally, coaching is most effective over a longer period of time.  We do not recommend any coaching engagement less than three months, and generally find six to twelve month engagements most impactful.

Dave Brock has been recognized as one of the best coaches in the world, having coached 100’s of individuals and teams.  He has coached CEO’s, C-Level Executives, Mid Managers, and Individual Contributors.  He has a direct, pragmatic and focused approach.  He is known for constantly challenging people to achieve levels of performance they never thought possible.

Once we define the coaching plan, we establish a flat monthly fee for the duration of the coaching agreement. Each coaching project is undertaken with a total client satisfaction guarantee.

To get a fast start on your coaching project, call Dave Brock at +1-949-334-7146, or email him at

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